Sunday, January 8, 2012

A trip to Duluth

Last day of winter break is today.... wow those 2.5 weeks went FAST! but I am so glad that I had them, It has been so good to get a little relaxing in before school starts again. And while I'll have a lot of class time the next two weeks with winterm I'm hoping I won't have a ton of homework. I'm taking an Engineering Economy class and I really liked economy in high school so hopefully I will also enjoy this class as well.

This last week Andy and I went up to Duluth for an overnight stay at the South Pier Inn which is right next to the lift bridge up there. We had a fun time exploring the city and eating some very good food (Grandma's Bar and Grill, Northern Waters Smokehaus, Bellisio's, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Betty's Pies)  :) We got to see a ship go through the canal while we were in our hotel room, so we were right there as it went past. And we also drove up to Gooseberry Falls and saw some beautiful frozen water falls.

Here are some pictures from our trip

Tomorrow is Andy and I's 6 month anniversary! it's amazing how time can fly and how it can go so slowly, I feel like we both know each other so much better that it couldn't have only been 6 months :p

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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