Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spring semester

Well today marks the second day of my Junior year at school :D the spring semester has started off with a ton of snow and ice, my drive yesterday morning was quite a bit longer than normal but I guess that's normal for Wisconsin.... feels like winter is actually here now. now that the roads have been cleared some it I am loving the clean look that the blanket of snow brings

I started my photography class today. I'm excited to see what I will learn this semester! I'm sure my blogs will be a little more picture heavy this spring as I will get to take pictures for homework :D I actually have to take 50 pictures for my first assignment. She wasn't really clear what they should be of or about but just to take them so that I have something to work with when we learn Photoshop next week :) I was hoping that we would be doing a lot of photoshop but it sounds like we are going to focus more on how to take the pictures than how to edit them.

This semester is going to be quite different than last semester. I am on campus from 8 or 9 am to 3:30 or 5:30 pm Monday through Thursday. And on Friday I have two labs that are only going to meet occasionally so it looks like i might not have friday class that often. Being on campus means that I will have more opportunity to get homework done between classes and also more opportunity to do things with friends since I'll be around more. But it also means less time at home, which hopefully won't equal a messier house and less home cooking.

O by the way you can now fallow me by email, there is a little box in the top part of the right side where you can put your email and then you will get email notifications whenever I update my blog.

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