Friday, April 20, 2012

Andy's Birthday & Pinhole Photography

It has been a busy week :D Andy's birthday was on Tuesday so with cleaning, decorating and cooking for our meal together I feel like this week flew by! I don't have any more Friday classes for the rest of the semester which is awesome and means that today will be a get all that homework done, work in the yard and possibly horse-back ridding type of day :)

The semester is quickly coming to an end, I only have 10 class days left and then finals.... for a while if felt like this semester wasn't going to end and now i'm wondering where the time went. With the semester ending that means summer is coming!!! :D I am so excited for the warm weather and no homework season. I also am very excited about my internship. I will start work on the 21st of May and work through the summer as a Manufacturing Engineering Intern at SMC in Somerset... I feel so blessed to have received this position and I can not wait to learn how the real world of engineering works. And while I can't deny that I'm starting to get a little nervous about starting something new I know that it will be worth it.

In my photography class we have been doing pin hole photography for the last month, we have a paint can that has a pin size hole in one side and we put photographic paper on the other side. A piece of black electrical tape is used to keep the hole closed. To take a picture you set your can somewhere it won't move and then remove the tape for 30-60 seconds (depending on the lighting). The tape acts as a camera's shutter and the paper as film. We then have to go into the dark room at school, open the paint can, remove the paper and put it through a series of chemical baths to develop the picture. While it was fun to see how the process works it was frustrating when you hadn't guessed the time right and you turned out with all white or all black photos, or when the can moved just a little bit and the whole picture turned out blurry or when you thought you were getting a picture of just the door of the building and instead you got the whole building. But as frustrating and time consuming as this project was I was able to get a few good shots so here they are :D
I put the negative (what I got out of the camera) first and then the positive :)

I hope that you all have a blessed weekend.

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