Friday, April 27, 2012

Photography Portfolio and one busy week

I'm proud to announce that I've made a website just for my photos. You can click in the tab above to get to my photography website. While I don't have many pictures up just yet I plan to add more as I have time.

I've been able to take Bahama out twice since she moved in on Sunday :) today we went on an hour and a half ride around the 4 wheeler trails. She has quite the stamina, we might have been running half the time which I LOVE :D I don't really know the trails very well so its been fun to learn where they all are and explore them

As the semester is coming to an end it is almost amazing how much I have to get done. Lots of projects, a few papers and lots and lots of tests :( But soon it will be summer and I'll be just as busy at work :D I'm very excited to start my internship. I know that I am going to learn such a large amount of things that they can't teach me in school.

As some of you know I am in a bible study on Wednesday nights called Prepare. It has seriously changed my life and I am so thankful for our teacher Gary Gilbertson who drives from the twin cities to teach us each week. Well the current student leader (Tim) is going to seminary this fall and won't be able to lead the group which leaves us without a leader.... or maybe not.... I started to think about the possibility of leading it myself. I feel like the Lord has shown me that it is what he wants me to do this fall and I'm excited about the possibility. Thought I do feel like I need a little more confirmation from him before I really commit to what could be a very big time commitment. But the possibility is really getting me excited. I have felt more and more this semester that I've been made to teach just as much as I've been made to be an Engineer. So this would be a great way to share that talent with others.

Here is a Photo that i'm working on for my class :) its 3 pictures combined into one using photoshop :D

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