Monday, May 21, 2012

First day on the Job

           Today marks my first day as a Manufacturing Engineering Intern at SMC in Somerset. The morning was spent on teachings of safety rules/procedures fallowed by verbal quizzes. Then off to finally meet up with my Boss and see my Cubical... yes I did just say that I have my own cubicle... never thought I would be excited about that one but as I was expecting to be sharing a desk with another Engineer I was VERY excited. I have my own space and my own computer. It was now time for lunch and since the lunch room is on the completely opposite side of the building I had my lunch in my cubicle. After lunch Joel (my boss) took me on a tour of the plant. It was fun to see all the different areas that I'll spend time in this summer and also to fail miserably at remembering everyone's names. After that Joel paired me up with a woman who keeps all the operators on their toes, She inspects things after they have inspected to make sure they are completing their job correctly. It was interesting to fallow her around and learn how all the operators know what is acceptable flaws in a part and what needs to be thrown out.

         While today was very exciting and thrilling I kept of thinking that soon they will realize that they have hired someone who knows absolutely nothing about manufacturing and that I don't belong there. But the best part is that they know that I don't know very much and they are willing to teach me as I go along. I feel like I'm going to learn SOOO much this summer! Returning to school in the fall will be strange.

O and one more perk about this job..... lol the fact that it is to the west of my house..... meaning that the sun is behind me both in the morning and on the way home... the opposite of what it is when I'm going to school

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