Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fall is already here!!!

Hello Everyone!

I hope your fall is starting out well. (I can't believe its already fall!) I'm loving being back in school instead of being an intern... I feel more at home in this routine that I know so well then I did at my internship where everything was new and unknown to me. As some of you may know this last spring I had decided to add a semester onto my schooling to earn a minor in Quality Engineering. But this summer at my internship I realized that I am not built for that field and thus have no need to add that extra semester... this means that I only have 3 semesters left (counting this one!) While I felt like 2 years was still a long time to be in school somehow only having a year and a half left is feeling so short! So I'm trying to soak up as much of this wonderful, stressful, thing called college.

Hanna at the lake in Monticello at the Fall Retreat with by Bible Study

I am the student president of my bible study this year and we are trying to become a student organization on campus. Over the summer I completed the necessarily paper work to apply, and now we are waiting to see what the student board and another board thinks. It has been fun to be the student president and get things organized and scheduled and to be the contact person for everyone. This year Gary Gilbertson who taught last year is feeling the call to delegate his ministry to more people which is hard and good all at the same time. We don't get to see Gary or have him teach as much but we also have found a wonderful couple, Jon and Janet Chara, that have opened their beautiful house for us and Jan is doing the majority of the teachings this year. Jon is amazing at explaining the old testament and how it speaks to our lives right now and he is also really good at seeing where things tie together in the bible. I'm excited to see what this year will bring if we are able to get onto campus and open our doors to more people.

Last weekend we had a 24 hour fall retreat with my bible study. The retreat was for all of the campuses of Prepare. It was fun to meet more college Christians who share such similar beliefs  Me and 2 girls from my group went to Monticello, and it was such a good time of relaxation and spiritual rejuvenation. 

Next week there is a Career conference at stout so I'll be once again putting myself out there to find a internship. It seems like I shouldn't be already trying to find one but this is when I found the one at SMC last year. I spent a few hours today trying to figure out which of the 54 companies present at the Career fair are within a reasonable driving distance for me which was easier said than done :p

Last night I got out my camera and did some more photos for a time laps movie... the stars pull me in in a way that I can not express... I am always amazed by their beauty and I hope that never changes. To think that God made those just to show off and to give us something to see him by is amazing! I hope you enjoy the short video.

For some reason this video is not very clear.... here is a link to where I uploaded it on facebook. In the lower right hand corner click the HD button to see the stars more clearly.

Blessings and love,

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