Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Time Management

" We live and die by our habits"

This last weekend I spent some wonderful time in Milwaukee with my family :) As I spent time with my sister Kim and some of her friends I began to wonder if I work hard enough because they have part time jobs and I don't (yes I'm laughing at that that thought now). But it caused a conversation with the lovely Miss Cassandra and we decided I should make a list of the activities that I feel waste my time and a list of things that I long to do but don't have time for. This is what we came up with:

Wasted Time

Things I long for
      More Bible time
      Time to skype with siblings
      Violin Practice time
      Time for a one on one Bible study with a friend
      A Clean house - lets add some time to cleaning

As I looked at the wasted time category I calculated the amount of time I'd be willing to cut out of those things. 
 - TV only when Andy and I are relaxing together and 1 show on a lazy afternoon by myself per week
 - Pinterest only 10 minuets 3 times a week
 - Facebook - No more aimless looking - be purposeful, check what you need to check and get off.

Fallowing these things I'll be able to add 4 hours a week of the things that I long for.
I'm excited to see how much of that wasted time I can redistribute to better uses.

One thing about making new habits is that you need to make them easily accessible until they have have become a habit.... SO I did a little decorating that I think will help me pick up my Violin a little more often. (So excited about this one!!!)


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