Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One week till school

One week from today School starts again. I am glad that I still have a week, as I am not ready for it to begin again, I want to be able to relax just a little longer before the crazy business starts. Today I recieved and email from the Financial Aid office stating that the changes that I made to my fafsa (being married and a much lower income) can not be accepted because once you file as a dependent you can't file as an independent in the same school year. This is quite disappointing as we were expecting to receive grants and some no interest loans.

Yesterday Don has his shoulder surgery and it went very well they were able to reattach the torn muscle with pins that will dissolve over time. I went with Tara to visit him in the hospital in Eau Claire last night and he seemed to be doing very well, they kept him overnight to make sure the pain was bearable and this morning he will talk with his doctor about what exercises he should be doing and then he should be home by 10am.

Today I was going to help Cassandra move but she found out that she doesn't have to be in till Sunday so she is going to wait till then. So today I will be instead working on wash dishes and hopefully getting a ton of wedding thank-you's done :D

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