Sunday, October 9, 2011

Taking pictures for others

This last week was very busy and I was ready to give up on homework on Thursday but I instead decided that I didn't want to be half doing it for the rest of the weekend. So buckled down and got most of it done Friday and then finished it up on Saturday morning. This meant that I had lots of time to spend with my beautiful Nieces playing in the leaves on Saturday, and today taking pictures for Angie, Jeremy and their son Eli; and ridding with Andy in the combine. It has been a busy week for Andy, harvest is under full swing now which for Andy means longer hours and not being able to see me as much. I am already beginning to miss him and harvest has only just started. I will be thankful for rainy days and more time together when December and January are here.

So here are some of my pictures from this weekend. Mind you these are a select few as I took over 600 pictures! (remember click on the picture to make it bigger)

It has been a wonderful weekend and I am sad that it is now Sunday night and tomorrow is a Monday full of classes and the start to another busy, homework filled week.

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