Friday, September 30, 2011


What a beautiful world our God has made, I have been swept away by his astounding creation this last week. On Wednesday there was fog for me to attempt to capture the beauty of, on Thursday I was up early and got some pictures of a corn field while the sun was rising and this morning I got up as the sun was rising and spent about an hour outside taking photos, I really am loving having a nice camera to try to capture the beauty that God has created.

So here are some of the pictures that I have taken this week, You can click on the photos to enlarge them.

This week was a lot of fun, on Thursday Pam and I went to Grandma James's and we made 50 pies in a little over 5 hours :P It was Don and Tara's birthdays this week so we had a birthday celebration last weekend and then went out twice this week with different people to celebrate. 

I am glad that it is the weekend though, Because it means that i will have time to do homework and maybe clean the house and cook Andy some real meals.

Tonight I made Banana muffins and for supper we are going to have twice baked potatoes and Tacos :)

I have been listening to the Audio bible that I bought last week and i LOVE it! I am mostly an audio learner so having it to listen to has really gotten it into my mind, I have been listening to the new testement and I am really it! I would highly recommend the version that I am listening to, it doesn't have the phony background music that some versions seam to have. I my bible called the ESV hear the word audio book at

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  1. Well, since I lost my first comment I'm going to have to try to remember what I said the first time -- but your beautiful pictures bring it back. Love your new blog -- like the fact you can click on a picture and enlarge it. Also I was commenting that my favorite Bible Reader (person) is this Max Mclean who reads the KJV -- understated but dramatic, almost Shakespearian in it's delivery.