Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DIY Kindle Case

Last week I decided to make my own kindle case. The cases out there can be so expensive. I didn't think it was worth buying one so I decided to make my own. Here is how I made mine. (for under $10)

What you'll need:
Cloth for a cover (I used an old shirt)
Old Book
Elastic Straps
Construction Paper

Step One:
Find a book that your kindle will fit inside. For this I went to Goodwill and sized my kindle up to books till I found one that would work and bought it for $5.
Step Two:
Cut out all the pages of your book and also cut your cloth to be 1"-1.5" than the book on each side (A non-stretch material works best for this).

Step Three:
Superglue the cloth to the book and allow to dry. I also decided to place a strip of cloth in the center because my felt wouldn't cover that area

Step four: 
Cut out felt and paper to cover the two inside covers of the book
Step five:
Sew on 4 elastic straps to the felt to keep the kindle inside the book. When you're sewing them on make them a little tighter than you think you need to. Once you glue it down the flatness of the felt seams to make more room.
Step six: Superglue the felt down to the book (for this step I used E-6000 superglue) and place something heavy on top of felt while it dries.
glue paper on left cover.

 And you have yourself you're very own kindle case!

let me know if you have questions in the comment section below.


  1. love this! great idea! now to make myself one!


  2. You are so creative girl! Great idea!

    Brenda A.

  3. This is amazing! ^^

  4. This is awesome. I am going to try this!!!

  5. Preciosa.
    Yo había hecho una parecida pero con cartones.
    Aunque no se me ocurrió esa forma de colocar las gomas.

  6. Easy + cute = perfect. Thanks!

  7. You sew the elastic straps to the felt then glue down?

  8. It`s great ! Got to make one for my tablette . Thank you for sharing :)