Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A little Organization and Decoration

This last week I was talking with a friend and we ended up desiding that I needed to redesign my upstairs living room area. It has been our storage area and because out basement is musty and it needs continue to provide room for storage. This was a little of a dilemma in my planning the space since I didn't want to have boxes everywhere. the other major problem is that the two walls are slanted since it is part of the upstairs...... but creativity won out... 

 Here is a before picture :p 

So I went and bought 
a Blanket
Pillows and pillow cases
Cloth to cover the inside of the shelf
 A table with a lamp
since we had painted this room not to long ago I went to Walmart paint department where I had gotten the paint and found the same paint swatch... then looked at other colors and since I knew I wanted black it ended up being black and gray. But having the paint swatch helped me pick out pillow cases... i was going to do black and gray pillow cases and then i saw that they had some light green ones, so i walked over not expecting them to match my paint swatch but they did! so i was able to get some green pillow cases that match so wonderfully :D

The other side of this room still needs to be finished and hopefully I'll have time today and this weekend :)

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