Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring, Alergies and Good Books

Well this week's weather has been wonderful! It makes me feel alive again and ready for some more excessive... But then the day after everything warmed up I got hit with a cold :( as much as I am hoping this is just a cold it feels much more like what I would imagine allergies feel like (I've never had them before). My nose feels like its packed full and by eyes feel a little irritated. my whole head feels like it weighs an extra few pounds and I don't feel quite as energetic as I had felt the first day of the nice weather. But I am sure this too will pass and hopefully won't become an annual occurrence. 

This week of spring break has been so wonderful and I am dreading going back to school on Monday :(  By Andy's suggestion I started a wall of my photography :) Right now there are 9 big frames and 4 small ones and we will switch out old pictures for new ones as I take more that we like. It is fun to have my art up on the wall for guests to see.

I started a new book last night. its called Crazy Love by Francis Chan and so far it has been amazing. The first chapter was all about how Great our God really is and how little we daily remember it and live it in our lives. Here is a video that he made to show just how insignificant our earth is... It amazes me just how small we are in the universe and it is such a good reminder to see. The Awe Factor of Gad I hope that you watch that it isn't very long :)

Despite my cold i'm about to go work with some young horses today and then hopefully go ridding for a little while :) I am excited to get outside and I'm hoping that my cold won't slow me down too much :p

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  1. I'm going through the same thing with allergies. You described it perfectly ("nose packed"). Try Bee Pollen. It really alleviates the symptoms for me.