Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day

Well the first day of classes went well. The drive in was beautiful, and I was wishing I had a camera to take some pictures of the fog that we floating in some of the fields.
It is going to be a tough semester but I think it will be good, I'm taking two math classes (Differential Equations and Stats for Engineers) and then two very math related courses (Physics II and Engineering Mechanics). So lots of Math, but I think it will be good to have everything all at once cause then I will really concentrate on it and its always in my head. I do have one non-math related course, Its called Material Removal and Forming, its a metals class and we will get to make a mini canon and some other fun things. I am really looking forward to that class as I think it will be an easy A and will be a lot of fun.

Girls.... well, there aren't many girls in my classes: even fewer than last year. I don't have any in the metals class (which stinks cause we'll be working with a lot of machines) and I have one girl comrade in each of the other classes (ha and one girl is in two classes - so I only have 3 other girls to talk to all day) :p it feels strange now but I am sure once I get to know a few of the guys it will be a lot better.

Andy and I bought a nice camera, it comes with a standard lens and then we also got a long zoom lens. We used the money that we got from returning the other camera and some gift cards to get it so it didn't cost us anything. Pam went and picked it up yesterday, as she was in Eau Claire, and Sears gave her the wrong camera! They gave her the right lens but not the right camera, so tomorrow before classes (they don't start till 12:20 on friday) I am going to run to Eau Claire to pick up the right one and give them back the wrong one.

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