Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pig Roast weekend

The pig roast was a lot of fun even tho it was a lot of work. We estimate (via a guest book) that there were about 250 people there. Uncle Greg and Grandma James helped us all out tremendously with the clean up. We got the tent down and put away, all the tables and chairs down and everything cleaned up last night. Which normally is left for us to do today.
It was fun to sit and visit with people, I got a chance to talk to Andre Oldberg, who works at Philips Plastics in New Richmond as an Engineer and he said that he would keep an eye out and ask around about any internship importunity's. Jeremy and Kelsey came to the pig roast so it was a lot of fun to visit with them, and then they came over to our house and got a tour :)

Payton and Brynlie were adorable this weekend, we are having Brynlie's birthday party tonight as she is turning 2 this next week.

And we now have an outdoor cat. It showed up last week and we have decided to feed it and keep it around to keep mice away. 

I think i am going to name her Snickers but not quite sure yet.

O and these pictures are taken from our new camera. :D which we finally got on Friday.

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